Paradise Cove Luau

Tuesday, 23 Aug 2005 | Travel


The Paradise Cove Luau was our destination this evening. We boarded the bus from Waikiki to Kapolei at the Hilton Hawaiian Village next door to the Hale Koa at 4:15 pm. They were the large Roberts Hawaii tour buses with the rabbit and 70's style lettering on them. I was in heaven because I was finally cool in the air conditioned bus, although the rest of our party was cold. I seem to have a hard time with humidity. It seems to drain me a lot.

We arrived at Paradise Cove about an hour later. Our tour guide was an Asian gentleman who goes by the name Number 9 and we were told repeatedly that our bus was bus Number 10. He was very friendly and humorous, speaking over the loudspeaker for a good portion of the ride to the luau.

The first thing we did was get a lei. The guys got Kukui Nut Leis and the gals got Fresh Flower Leis, but my dad asked for a flower lei and Erin asked me to switch leis for the evening. Then we posed for pictures taken with a Hawaiian girl and guy. Our package included a picture for each guest. Then we each received a complimentary Mai Tai and were shown to our reserved seats at the dinner table. We were located in the front near the stage.


Once we got settled, we went to check out the activities included in the experience. We all got temporary tattoos, drawn by the same man who performs the fire dance in the luau show. Toni's tattoo was a flower, Eriin got a snake, I got a Honu and my dad asked for a bird. Erin and Toni learned to make headbands with flowers. Then we watched the Shower of Flowers where a man climbs one of the tallest palm trees and showers the guests with flowers. Toni caught one of the flowers in the air and was very happy. It is said to be good luck to catch a flower, but one shouldn't pick up a flower that touches the ground because it is considered bad luck. Toni and I wanted to try paddling the canoes, but the line was long.


The Hukilau was on the beach and was a ceremony where they pull in the fish nets from the ocean. They had selected numerous guest and adorned them with grass skirts to participate in the ceremony. I was so glad they hadn't picked me because they were instructed to do a number of silly and humorous things. I was quite content to watch others acting silly. LOL

Then they called us over to the Imu Amphitheater to watch a show of dance and the uneathing of the Imu pig. I caught a few shots of the lovely sunset just before the festivities began. The evening was perfect, with lovely clouds, no rain and a gentle breeze.

Next, we went back to our seats to enjoy a luau dinner. The food was quite tasty and there was plenty. We were served because we had the deluxe package. When it came time for dinner, they forgot to serve Toni her dessert. So, I went over to Number 9 and inquired about it. He came through big time by personally bringing a huge plate of desserts just for Toni. :D


The luau show was next. By this time, we had our table covered with drinks. Each of us were given 6 drink coupons, so that entitled us a total of 24 drinks for the evening! I had a two or three Mai Tais, but then switched to soft drinks later. It was funny to see all the drinks. The show was very entertaining with male and female hula dancers, music, singing and a fire dancer. When they played the Hawaiian Wedding Song, I asked Toni to dance under the beautiful star filled sky. It was very romantic and she loved it.


When Erin had boarded the bus on the way to the luau, there was a man making something with a reed. She asked him what he was making and he told her that it was grass and he was making a grasshopper. Erin just replied, "Whatever" thinking he was joking around. Well, when she was leaving the bus when we got back to Waikiki, she noticed that he actually had made an intricate grasshopper which was now sitting on the dash of the bus. He said, "See, I did make a grasshopper." Erin was so surprised when he told her to get it off the dash to take home and keep!

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