A Surprise for Toni

Saturday, 10 Sep 2005 | Apple, Family


Last night, I surprised Toni with a 4 GB White iPod nano. I wanted to get it for her to tell her how much I appreciate her as my wife. She was delighted by the gift. :D

After reading an entry from Latitude 13, I started to investigate the newly introduced iPod nano more carefully. I initially didn't think it would be a good match for Toni because I thought it had a hard drive like the iPod mini. I wanted a flash drive based iPod for her because she would want to use it to exercise and I like the no skip feature of flash drives.

The more I looked at the features of the iPod nano on the Apple website, the more it seemed to be a perfect match for Toni. It's very small, actually thinner than the iPod Shuffle, a little wider and about the same length. The color display is very nice. I'm envious of how clean it looks and wish my iPod had color too. It's amazing just how small the nano is. I want to get Toni the Lanyard Headphones when it becomes available in a few weeks so she can wear it on her walks.

Oh, a little birdie told me that she would absolutely love it if her husband would surprise her with a 4 GB White iPod nano too. *Hint hint* ;D

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