Plumeria: The Scent of Hawaii

Thursday, 8 Sep 2005 | Family, Travel


On this trip to Hawaii, I realized how much I enjoy the fragrance of Plumeria flowers. They have the most wonderfully sweet smell I have grown to love. Although this was my third visit to Hawaii, I just put together that the smell of Plumerias was the scent of Hawaii to me. I remember that smell from my other trips, but never knew what it was. I think that fragrance will always remind me of Hawaii.

Erin had a perfume sprayed on a paper swatch when we visited Sephora at the Ala Moana Center. It had a very natural Plumeria scent and I really loved it. Unfortunately, she didn't get the name of the fragrance. I'll have to make it a point to ask about it at a Sephora here. If Toni likes it as well as I do, I'll have to buy some for her.

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