Doug Eddings

Friday, 14 Oct 2005 | Angels, Sports

Tonight, I will be at the American League Championship Series Game 3 at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. I can guarantee you I will get a much better reception from the Angels Fans than either A.J. Pierzynski or Doug Eddings. In fact, I sure wouldn't want to be Doug Eddings who will be umpiring on the right field line tonight just yards away from the crowd.

I don't fault Eddings for making a bad call. He's only human and it was a difficult play to judge. I fault him for possibly being duped by Pierzynski's rethought run to first base. I fault him for not being clearer with his strike three mechanic which looks like a called out. And I fault him for not rectifying his confusion by conferring with the other umpires before allowing play to continue. I believe Eddings made an error in judgement, but I wish he had shown the integrity and courage to admit it and make every effort to properly assess the situation.

Of course this is all in the past. Now, the Angels need to focus on winning more games than the White Sox. I wonder if Chicago realizes the firestorm they're walking into this weekend for Games 3, 4 and 5 of the ALCS.

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