Foggy Commute

Friday, 21 Oct 2005 | Daily, Rants

The past two days have been very foggy on the 215 freeway from my house to Moreno Valley. My commute is long enough as it is, but the fog makes it doubly difficult. I'm tuckered out by the time I get to work.

It also doesn't help that drivers aren't courteous. The place where I get on the freeway has two lanes that merge into one right before the overpass. Every morning, people zip along past all the cars in the left lane and merge in a the last second. Then, when I connect to the 60 freeway in Moreno Valley, the right lane becomes an exit only lane. Of course, people stay in that lane to the last second and block me from getting to where I'm going. I could drive on the shoulder like a lot of people do, but I don't want to have to break traffic laws to get to work.

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