Jerry Avenaim Seminar

Saturday, 1 Oct 2005 | Photography

Today I drove two hours early in the morning to CAI Cameras in Woodland Hills to attend a Lighting Techniques for the Dramatic Portrait seminar with Jerry Avenaim put on by the Mamiya America Corporation. Jerry Avenaim is a celebrity photographer who has photographed such Hollywood icons as Helen Hunt, Charlize Theron, James Caan, Mel Gibson, Hale Berry and Ben Stiller just to name a few.

The seminar was absolutley dynamite. I enjoyed it thoroughly and learned a lot about lighting techniques. Jerry was accompanied by his assistant, Matt. Jerry started the session with a lecture and presentation describing his lighting technique and interaction with his subjects. This was followed by a live photo shoot with a model after the lunch break. It was invaluable seeing in person how he set up his shots and how he relates with his model. Jerry and Matt were so kind and eager to answer any questions we posed. I was so delighted with the seminar. The experience was well worth the long drive. And I couldn't believe it was free. They people at CAI Cameras were wonderful and informative as well. I was thoroughly impressed by the entire event.

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