Sad News About Uncle Mavi

Saturday, 22 Oct 2005 | Family

Last night, I received a phone call from Toni's dad at around a quarter after eight. He asked to speak to Toni, but she wasn't home yet from visiting with her parents. He told me the surprising and sad news that Uncle Mavi had passed away at 7:45 PM at home. I told Toni the bad news when she got home. She was very upset because her Uncle Mavi had lived next door to her parents since she was 7 and she was very close to him.

Mauro, who the family calls Mavi, had a brain tumor removed several years ago. He lost his sight as a result of the operation and has required constant care from Aunt Rita ever since. We knew that he wasn't doing well, but Toni and I had no idea of his recent condition. I remember Uncle Mavi as he was before his tumor. He was an upbeat, kind, giving man who I am proud and honored to have met and known. I just wish I could have enjoyed more time with him.

The whole family gathered last night to support Aunt Rita at her house. Tonight, we are meeting again to bring food and show our support for Rita and her family. Rita's sons, Mauro and John live in Phoenix, Arizona. Her daughter, Rita, lives in Denver, Colorado. Mauro and Rita will be coming to Riverside in the next day or so. John is currently in Europe with his wife. Hopefully, the family will be able to arrange the services to allow John to get here in time.

I found something Aunt Rita said very touching. Toni's mom told the hospice worker that Rita had taken care of Mavi night and day for several years. In response, the hospice worker told Rita that Mavi was lucky to have her. And Rita replied she was lucky to have him.

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