Uncle Mauvi's Funeral

Friday, 28 Oct 2005 | Family

Today we attended Uncle Mauvi's memorial service at Acheson & Graham Garden of Prayer Mortuary. His service was conducted by Daniel with musical accompaniment on keyboard by his wife Rita. There were many relatives in attendance, so many in fact that people were overflowing into the rear of the chapel. Following the service, we all drove in a procession to the Riverside National Cemetary for the the graveside service.

On the way to the cemetary, we called Erin who was to join us. When the procession passed by Erin's school, I slowed down to let Erin into the line of cars. The motorcade police officer blew his whistle at Erin when she came into the processsion. The Riverside National Cemetary is where my mom was laid to rest on March 12, 2004. It is the largest national cemetary in the United States.

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