Disneyland with Alysia

Sunday, 11 Dec 2005 | Disneyland, Family


On Saturday, Erin and I took my niece to Disneyland. We bought her a ticket to Disneyland for her birthday. It had been some time since her actual birthday, but this was the first weekend I had available to take her.

We arrived at Disneyland at 8:30 am. It was surprisingly crowded. We ate at Redd Rockett's Pizza Port at 11:00 am. Up until that point, we had not gone on a single ride or had anything to eat. We tried to get a Fastpass for Space Mountain, but it wasn't operating before we ate. Right after our early lunch, it was open again and I waited in a long line just to get a Fastpass. The newly revamped Space Mountain ride was very good. The lighting effects were much improved and the ride seemed smoother and faster. We saw them move the track over from the side after loading a group of handicapped guests. It's really neat how that works.

We rode on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters for the first time. I really enjoyed that ride. I had such a great time shooting the Zs. My shooting skill increased as the ride progressed. I'm sure I can earn a better score next time. It's also neat that you can view your picture and even email it to yourself or friends at the end of the attraction. That's very cool. Also, the audio animatronic Buzz Lightyear in the queue area is very well done. His movements are fluid and lifelike.

Although the park was super crowded, Alysia got in a lot of rides and had a wonderful time. We had dinner at Storytellers Cafe. Alysia had the kid's buffet and stuffed herself. After dinner, Erin and Alysia returned to Disneyland to catch the fireworks and race through a bunch of rides. I relaxed and took some pictures at the Grand Californian because I was tired by that time. We ended up leaving around 12:30 am.

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