David Wayne at Downtown Disney

Sunday, 29 Jan 2006 | Disneyland, Family, Music


I went to Disneyland on Saturday with Toni and my dad. My goal that evening was to get a good sunset shot of Paradise Pier. I set up my tripod in the late afternoon and waited for the light to become just right as the sun set at Disney's California Adventure. There's an area across from the Sun Wheel where it's perfect for taking pictures with a tripod. It's almost always devoid of people except when there is a special event in the outdoor amphitheater. I've found from experience you can use a tripod in unpopulated areas. However, if you are in a busy area, security will ask you put your tripod away. I suspect it has to do with liability due to people tripping on the tripod legs.



After taking my Paradise Pier shots, we strolled over to Downtown Disney to check out David Wayne since I knew he performs every Friday and Saturday evening. He was there that night with a drummer, Carlos Lopez, who was very good in his own right. It was neat because when David played Baroque N Guitar, he dedicated it to disneymike, remembering that I mentioned I really like that song when he was at my house. He then played Malaguena because Toni mentioned she loved that song. It was neat to hear David play excerpts of those songs last weekend at my house just for us the night I took pictures for his upcoming album.

If you're at Disneyland on a Friday or Saturday around 6:00 in the evening, be sure to stop by Downtown Disney by the La Brea Bakery to see David Wayne play in person. If you like his music as I'm sure you will, please support him by purchasing a CD. He will be happy to talk to you and personalize it with an autograph. Oh, and tell him disneymike sent you.


Temecula Pizza Company

Sunday, 29 Jan 2006 | Family, Food, Restaurants


Toni and I went to Temecula Pizza Company for lunch today to get our favorite items. We love to share a House Salad and Beef Stromboli. It had been a long time since we've been there, so it was a treat for us. I love the combination of beef, cheese and spinach in the crispy pizza crust of their Stromboli. I heartily recommend it and the restaurant.


Temecula Pizza Company
44535 Bedford Court
Temecula, CA 92592
(951) 694-9463


Taffy's 85 Week Photo

Sunday, 29 Jan 2006 | Pets


Taffy poses for me in our front yard.



Friday, 27 Jan 2006 | Photography

You give us those nice bright colors
You give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah!
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away

When I used to have a Nikon F3-HP film camera, I used to love to use Kodachrome 25 Professional slide film because the colors, especially reds, were so vibrant and beautiful. There's something about looking at a good slide through a viewer or projector that is truly stunning. Sadly, Kodak has discontinued this wonderful transparency film. Kodachrome 64 Professional is the closest thing to the slide film I used that is still in production today.

I stopped taking slides before Fujichrome Velvia became popular, but I'm sure I would have used it too since it too gives vibrantly saturated colors I love. Currently, I use a Nikon digital SLR and love it. It's not the same as slide film, but I can make wonderfully colorful photographs with it. Even the reds are wonderful like Kodachrome as you can see in the photo of Taffy above.

Paul Simon's song, Kodachrome, has been a favorite of mine for years and I still love it today because of it's catchy tune and my love for Kodachrome and Nikon cameras. I heard it on the radio on my drive home last night and it brought back fond memories. That song is one of life's pleasures to me.


Charlize Theron and Me

Wednesday, 25 Jan 2006 | Entertainment, Trivia


What do actress Charlize Theron and I have in common? Well, not really that much, but we do share the same birthday. Charlize and I were both born on August 7th. I also share my birthday with actor David Duchovney of the hit television series, The X-Files and singer B.J. Thomas.

Would you like to know who shares your birthday? Look yours up at Wikipedia.


Macintosh Turns 22

Tuesday, 24 Jan 2006 | Apple, Computers, Macintosh


Apple's Macintosh computer turns 22 years old today. The Macintosh 128K computer debuted on January 24, 1984. I remember that day well. I was fascinated by this little Motorola 68000 driven monochrome computing machine which promised to bring the technology of the $10,000 Apple Lisa computer to the masses. It seemed so revolutionary with its black text on white screen with a myriad of fonts and styles.

On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh.
And you'll see why 1984 won't be like "1984."

My first Macintosh was a Mac Plus with 1 megabyte of RAM and a 20 megabyte serial hard disk. It's truly amazing how far we've come since 1984. I never would have dreamed we would have flash memory devices with gigabytes of storage available today. I wonder what the world of computing will be like when my daughter is my age.


David Wayne Photo Shoot

Sunday, 22 Jan 2006 | Disneyland, Music, Photography

David Wayne at Downtown Disney

This evening I took pictures of David Wayne for his upcoming Beatles album. David is a talented guitarist who plays with a Flamenco style. His instrumental CDs are wonderful. I discovered David initially at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort. I was at Disneyland with Toni and my dad. It was my dad's birthday, so it was a special day. David plays there on Friday and Saturday nights in front of the La Brea Bakery.

Impressed with his playing, I purchased a couple of David Wayne's CDs several months ago. After searching for his name on Google, David found the picture above I took of him playing at Disneyland. After viewing my gallery of photographs, he decided to email me about photographing him for his upcoming CD.

I was thrilled to have David visit my home to do his photo shoot. I am so impressed by his musicianship. I have always loved music and been fascinated by anyone who plays an instrument skillfully since I don't play any instruments myself. The photo session went very nicely. I think there should be some good images to choose from. I took photographs of David with his two acoustic guitars and his bass guitar. I also took some detail shots of his guitars. I think instruments are beautiful in their own right.

David Wayne's Beatles CD is due out shortly. He has a few songs to record and some song selection to do. I'll be sure to announce when it is available. Please drop by and see David at Downtown Disney if you get the chance. I think you too will be impressed by his music.


Taffy's 84 Week Photo

Saturday, 21 Jan 2006 | Pets


Taffy looks at me with these eyes and I melt.


Taffy's 83 Week Photo

Monday, 16 Jan 2006 | Pets


Taffy surveys her surroundings.


CES 2006

Wednesday, 11 Jan 2006 | Computers, Electronics, Family, Travel


Toni and I just got back from the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Monday evening. We drove up on Friday for the annual electonics show. I went to the show on Saturday and Sunday and Toni occupied herself with shopping and sightseeing during the day.

We stayed at Paris Las Vegas for the first time. They upgraded us to a suite with two windows with beautiful views of the Bellagio and the Strip. The room had a huge 90 degree to the left hallway that led to the bedroom. It was unused space, but for some reason we loved it. I think it was because it made the room feel so spacious.

I had a great time at the show and we both had fun together in the evenings. We had lots of yummy food. We also checked out the Wynn for the first time. It was lovely inside and made us want to stay there in the future.


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