David Wayne at Downtown Disney

Sunday, 29 Jan 2006 | Disneyland, Family, Music


I went to Disneyland on Saturday with Toni and my dad. My goal that evening was to get a good sunset shot of Paradise Pier. I set up my tripod in the late afternoon and waited for the light to become just right as the sun set at Disney's California Adventure. There's an area across from the Sun Wheel where it's perfect for taking pictures with a tripod. It's almost always devoid of people except when there is a special event in the outdoor amphitheater. I've found from experience you can use a tripod in unpopulated areas. However, if you are in a busy area, security will ask you put your tripod away. I suspect it has to do with liability due to people tripping on the tripod legs.



After taking my Paradise Pier shots, we strolled over to Downtown Disney to check out David Wayne since I knew he performs every Friday and Saturday evening. He was there that night with a drummer, Carlos Lopez, who was very good in his own right. It was neat because when David played Baroque N Guitar, he dedicated it to disneymike, remembering that I mentioned I really like that song when he was at my house. He then played Malaguena because Toni mentioned she loved that song. It was neat to hear David play excerpts of those songs last weekend at my house just for us the night I took pictures for his upcoming album.

If you're at Disneyland on a Friday or Saturday around 6:00 in the evening, be sure to stop by Downtown Disney by the La Brea Bakery to see David Wayne play in person. If you like his music as I'm sure you will, please support him by purchasing a CD. He will be happy to talk to you and personalize it with an autograph. Oh, and tell him disneymike sent you.

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