Erin's Mock Trial Team Advances

Sunday, 26 Feb 2006 | Family

Erin has been participating in her school's mock trial competition the past two weeks. The participants learn about the United States Judicial System first hand by participating in a series of mock trials at real courthouses.

Erin is playing Brook DeMartini, a defense witness in the trial case she's been studying for several months. Twenty-two schools competed in four trials on four seperate days. The defense team and prosecution team each competed in two trials for a cumulative score. On Saturday, Erin's team advanced to the next level of the competition where there will be an elimination after each trial. Only eight teams were selected out of the original twenty-two schools. The prosecution team she is going up against is the top ranked team in this area, so she is concerned that they will be eliminated next week. I'm proud of Erin for the work and dedication she has shown to the mock trial competition thus far.

Hopefully they will win their next competition. I know it's a tough team they're going up against, but all I ask is Erin does her best. Hopefully they will advance again on Wednesday.

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