Meeting Ingrid at Disneyland

Sunday, 12 Mar 2006 | Disneyland, Family, Friends


Yesterday, my dad and I met up with Ingrid at Disneyland. Toni was not able to go with us because she had a Cue technoology conference at the Palm Springs Convention Center to attend. Ingrid is a friend of mine who goes by HapaKorean on Flickr. I have known her for a while, but have never met her in person before. We met her and her family at ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney at noon. She came with her husband Michael, her three sons Caleb, Michael and Bryce and her sister Erika. Erika is a long lost half sister Ingrid had not seen for many years until this past Friday.



Ingrid and her family were so nice and everyone got along together so well. My dad and I had a wonderful time visiting with them. We thought we'd just have lunch and then go on our way, but Ingrid invited us to go along with them to Disney's California Adventure. They were so gracious to us. We ended up spending the whole day with Ingrid and even having dinner at Storytellers Cafe. It was close to 10 pm when we exchanged goodbyes. I so enjoyed meeting Ingrid with her family and sharing her reunion with her sister Erika. Erika was visiting from Oregon with her choir who was invited to perform at Disneyland on Friday.

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