Angels Home Season Opener

Saturday, 8 Apr 2006 | Angels, Family


Toni, my dad and I attended the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim home season opener on Saturday night. This was the second home season opening game I've attended. There was a huge American flag unfurled in the outfield. The National Anthem was sung by American Idol contestant and Anaheim resident Lisa Tucker. A military jet flyover thrilled the fans at the end of the Star Spangled Banner.


We ended up beating the New York Yankees 4 to 1. It was Big Bang Friday, so there was a nice fireworks show following the game. It was the first time I've been there for fireworks.

I met a very nice Yankees fan sitting next to me at the game. I He was a gentleman and pleasure to talk with. He told me he was originally from New York, but now lives in San Francisco. He was visiting Southern California on a business trip.

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