Magnolia's 1st Birthday

Tuesday, 4 Apr 2006 | Family, Friends


Toni, Erin, my dad and I attended Magnolia's 1st birthday party on Sunday. Magnolia is the daughter of our friends In and Maureen. Magnolia is half Korean just like me. She is also a quarter Mexican and a quarter Caucasian. Since she has Korean lineage, they celebrated her birthday by dressing her up in the traditional Korean Hanbok, a brightly colored dress. In's parents provided plenty of Korean food for the occasion.


Magnolia was given a necklace with a gold pig which signifies good luck and prosperity in Korean culture as well as a beautiful gold bracelet. Korean grandmothers are notorious for spoilling their grandchildren.


The party was held at Maureen's parents' house. We gathered inside and on the nicely landscaped backyard. In, Maureen and Magnolia left for a trip up the coast to Monterey after the party. I was so envious because Monterey is one my very favorite places to visit. I want to plan a trip with Toni some time soon.


As a present we gave two 8x10 photos I took of Magnolia when she was an infant. One of her mom holding her hand and one of her dad holding her foot. When Maureen opened them, she was so touched she almost started to cry. I'm so glad she found them so special.


We also had the good fortune to see some teacher friends of Toni. John and Joann are a lovely couple who retired recently from careers at the middle school Toni previously worked for. They are both the friendliest people you could know. I always enjoy socializing with them both.


Lois, Toni's former English Chair was also at the party. She posed for a picture after dinner with her sister Eunice to her left and her always lovable mother, Alfie in front.

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