Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Thursday, 25 May 2006 | Cooking, Food

I love freshly ground black pepper on food. I definitely recommend grinding it yourself because the flavor is much bolder and fresher than if you use the pre-ground type. I put it on almost everything I cook and eat. I especially like to put copious amounts of black pepper in soups. The flavor and kick is somehow conforting to me.

My love for it has made Erin into a ground pepper fiend as well. It's neat when your infuence as a dad becomes tangible in some way. There's a little part of me that delights when Erin grinds black pepper on her food.

My pepper mill of choice is the Unicorn Magnum Plus by Tom David, Inc. It has a very large capacity and a superb oversized grinding mechanism. It's a black pepper lover's dream come true.

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