A Chinatown Tradition

Wednesday, 28 Jun 2006 | Culture, Food, Travel


It has become a tradition of mine to have a Cha Siu Baau, a Chinese Steamed Pork Bun, whenever I visit Chinatown in San Francisco. I love the taste of the barbecued pork inside the steamed bun. It's a great snack to give me a little energy while shopping and sightseeing in Chinatown.

I bought this one at a dim sum place on Stockton Street, just a few doors down from the Wells Fargo Bank. I was amazed when the woman told me it was only $1.10 for two of these little Chinese treats.


Adobe Lightroom Beta 3

Wednesday, 14 Jun 2006 | Apple, Computers, Photography

Adobe Labs just released the Public Beta 3 version of their Adobe Lightroom photo processing software. I've been using Lightroom from the initial Beta release.

I think the RAW converter software solution from the makers of Photoshop will prove to be a real winner. I absolutely love Photoshop CS2 and consider it indispensible as a part of my RAW processing workflow for photographs taken with my Nikon D2x. Adobe Lightroom is a welcome addition to Photoshop, which is designed as a program made for photographers, created with the input of photographers. Adobe welcomes photographers to try the product and submit input to make it the best tool possible when it becomes a release version.

The software is very stable, but not totally complete, as it is a work in progress. Currently, only a Mac OS X version is available for download. Windows users can add their names to a list to be notified when the Windows version of the Beta is available soon. It's neat to be the first to try software on the Mac for a change. Usually, it's the other way around with Windows users getting the first taste.


Taffy's 2nd Birthday

Monday, 12 Jun 2006 | Pets


Taffy turned 2 years old today. She has become a real member of our family. Toni, Erin and I can't imagine life without her now. She is just so precious to us.

Yesterday, Toni and I made a trip to PetsMart to get her a bunch of treats and toys to celebrate. We bought the soft cat treats she loves. Yes, I said cat treats. Taffy doesn't care if they're made for cats, they taste yummy and that's all that matters to her. She also got a plush duckie and ball, pig ears, rawhide bone chews and a bunch of replacement squeakers for her toys.


David Wayne Meets the Beatles

Saturday, 3 Jun 2006 | CDs, Disneyland, Entertainment, Music, Photography


I am so pleased to announce David Wayne has released his new CD, a compilation of Beatles' songs performed on acoustic guitar!

David Wayne is a talented acoustic guitarist I met at Downtown Disney who I've had the pleasure of working with on his latest album. I had the privilege of photographing David and his instruments for his new CD highlighting a collection of Beatles songs performed in his unique style.

Please take a moment to sample the songs on his new CD at David Wayne Music online. Or better yet, see him perform live on Friday through Sunday evenings at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort. I love his Spanish styled acoustic guitar sound. You can get your personal copy of his great new CD at his website or at Downtown Disney. If you see him in person, he'll even personally sign your CD. I think David Wayne is a great person and I wish him continued success.


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