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Monday, 28 Aug 2006 | Blog, Movable Type

I have been forced by pesky spammers to install and employ Email Whitelister in order to prevent unwanted comments from appearing on disneymike. As such, you will now be required to enter an email address when submitting comments.

If you haven't entered comments previously or have not commented in a while, you may not see your comment until it has been approved. From that point on, you should see your comment posted immediately. If you're a Typekey user, you will be automatically authenticated and good to go.

Thank you for your patience. And please continue sharing your comments since I enjoy getting feedback.


Pirate Rubber Duckie's 13th Host

Monday, 28 Aug 2006 | Pirate Rubber Duckie

Singapore, Singapore

Host Beezy
Location Singapore, Singapore
Arrival Date August 28, 2006
Previous Location Sydney, Australia
Distance for This Leg 3,918 Miles
Total Distance 32,963 Miles


Boylan Bottleworks Black Cherry

Thursday, 24 Aug 2006 | Food


I love Boylan Bottleworks Black Cherry. It has a great cherry flavor that's quite refreshing as a treat on a hot summer day.

I discovered this drink at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago. I saw it on the shelf and it simply looked like it would be good. I have a certain foodar (food radar) whereby I can detect yummy foods in stores and restaurants by intuition. Boylan Bottleworks Black Cherry has since become a favorite for Toni and me. My father-in-law is a big fan as well.

The Boylan Bottling Co. is a family owned and operated company which has been creating bold beverages since 1891.


Earth, Wind & Fire

Monday, 21 Aug 2006 | Entertainment, Family, Restaurants

Friday, Toni and I had the thrill of experiencing Earth, Wind & Fire in concert for the first time. We both have been fans of their music since grade school. The opening act was Chris Botti, a jazz trumpet player who we enjoyed very much as well.

Before the concert, we had a nice dinner at Il Fornaio in Irvine. The food was delicious. I love their bread and their calzone is crispy and light, just the way I like it. I purchased their pasta and baking cookbooks so I could try my hand at making delicious pasta and bread at home.

Then we headed for Verizon Wireless Amphitheater for the concert. I had always imagined Earth, Wind & Fire would be great to see live and they did not disappoint. We were grooving and dancing to the hits all evening long. If you haven't seen them live, you're really missing out on some awesome entertainment. The put on a great show. Phillip Bailey hit the high notes on Reasons and Verdine White is unbelievable on bass guitar. Verdine is one of the most energetic performers I've ever witnessed. I don't know how he finds the energy to keep in motion all night long, but he does and his enthusiasm is contagious. We had a wonderful time. And they played the two songs Toni and I wanted to hear: Sing a Song for Toni and September for me!


The New Yorker

Tuesday, 15 Aug 2006 | Photography


The New Yorker will be using one of my photographs for a special Hawaii advertising section in the Sepember 4th issue. The photograph they want depicts the neon sign at Leonard's Bakery in Honolulu. Leonard's makes delicious malasadas, Portuguese fried donuts which are quite popular in Hawaii. I am so honored that the New Yorker will be featuring one of my photographs in their magazine. What's more, I'll be credited and paid as well.



Sunday, 13 Aug 2006 | Products

I absolutely love my NeverLost. Actually, it's a Magellan RoadMate 800, but I call it my NeverLost because I was first introduced to auto GPS systems when I rented a Hertz car on vacation a few years ago. NeverLost is the name for the GPS available on Hertz rental vehicles. Magellan GPS systems are made by the same people who created Hertz NeverLost. I was so impressed with how carefree it made our vacation by not having to worry about reading maps or having Toni play navigator which she hates to do.

Yesterday, I went to the Cabrillo National Monument and the Coronado Ferry Landing Marketplace to take some pictures. I had never been to either place, but it was so easy to find them in one afternoon thanks to my NeverLost. I love how my GPS system allows me to see new places without the hassle of referring to maps. It makes me want to go out and explore new places. I also like how it can help me detour around traffic congestion in areas I'm not familiar with. It will even recalculate directions if you miss a turn. It simply makes driving a little nicer experience. Now if it could just get rid of the Southern Callifornia traffic, it would be perfect. Well, I guess you can't everything. LOL


Fancy Schmancy Catering

Wednesday, 9 Aug 2006 | Food

While eating my cinnamon raisin bagel from Einstein Brothers this morning, I noticed one of their slogans on my bag. I wasn't aware of it, but apparently they do catering; and not just run-of-the-mill catering, no. They do FANCY SCHMANCY catering. That's good to know since I love their bagels so much. Oh, and Einstein Brothers has trademarked "fancy schmancy catering," so don't even think about using it for your business.


Disneyland with Alysia and Andria

Tuesday, 8 Aug 2006 | Disneyland, Family

On Saturday, we went to Disneyland to celebrate three birthdays; my niece Alysia's, my cousin Andria's and mine! We arrived at the park right at 8 am when it opened and stayed until midnight. Toni and I usually stay at Disneyland for shorter periods of time since we have Annual Passports, but I wanted Alysia and Andria to get in as much as possible. Erin drove along separately since she hat to be at work at Cold Stone Creamery later in the afternoon.

It was so fun to see Alysia and especially Andria have a great time. Andria hadn't been to Disneyland in years and was so excited about going. She had been talking about our trip the whole week prior to Saturday. We got in a lot of rides including the newly reopened Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

We had lunch at Redd Rockett's Space Port and a nice dinner at Storytellers Cafe. The only letdown was the fireworks were canceled due to wind at higher elevations that night.

I saw David Wayne performing his wonderful guitar music at Downtown Disney. It was the first time I had seen him since he released his new CD. It was so cool to see my pictures on the CD. David is a very kind and talented performer. I highly recommend his music to everyone.


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