Sunday, 13 Aug 2006 | Products

I absolutely love my NeverLost. Actually, it's a Magellan RoadMate 800, but I call it my NeverLost because I was first introduced to auto GPS systems when I rented a Hertz car on vacation a few years ago. NeverLost is the name for the GPS available on Hertz rental vehicles. Magellan GPS systems are made by the same people who created Hertz NeverLost. I was so impressed with how carefree it made our vacation by not having to worry about reading maps or having Toni play navigator which she hates to do.

Yesterday, I went to the Cabrillo National Monument and the Coronado Ferry Landing Marketplace to take some pictures. I had never been to either place, but it was so easy to find them in one afternoon thanks to my NeverLost. I love how my GPS system allows me to see new places without the hassle of referring to maps. It makes me want to go out and explore new places. I also like how it can help me detour around traffic congestion in areas I'm not familiar with. It will even recalculate directions if you miss a turn. It simply makes driving a little nicer experience. Now if it could just get rid of the Southern Callifornia traffic, it would be perfect. Well, I guess you can't everything. LOL

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