Monitor Color Calibration

Thursday, 28 Sep 2006 | Computers, Photography


If you're serious about digital photography, it's very important to color calibrate your monitor. It's all but impossible to judge how to post process your digital images if you're viewing them on an uncalibrated display. You may go to lengths to get the colors just right to your eye on your monitor, but you won't know if they are going to look right when you display it on the internet or print it out as a photographic print.

For this reason, I highly recommend photographers purchase a color calibration device and use it on their monitors once a month to ensure what they're seeing on screen is accurate. By color calibrating, you know your monitor is adjusted based on a non-subjective standard.

Although a color calibrated monitor is great for all photographs, it's even more critical for portraits because natural skin tones are key.

I use X-Rite's MonacoOPTIX-XR Pro personally and can recommend it without hesitation. GretagMacBeth's Eye-One Display 2 and ColorVision's Spyder2PRO are also good color calibration choices.

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