Sheba Gave Us Quite a Scare

Thursday, 12 Oct 2006 | Family, Pets

On Tuesday evening, Toni, Taffy and I were watching television in our bedroom and I turned to Toni to ask where Sheba was. She said she didn't know, but had seen her when she got home from work before me. Sheba tends to come and go in our bedroom when we're there because she's a typical cat that does what SHE wants, not what we want. Sheba had not been up to our room all evening and that was not typical.

We went downstairs and checked all around the house and Sheba was nowhere to be found. We checked in her cat condo, the litter box, her bed, the kitchen, living room, family room, in the nooks and crannies and no Sheba. I had opened the front door briefly to bring in my belongings earlier, but distinctly remember being careful not to let Taffy out. Sheba has been raised as a house only cat for her entire life and she doesn't ever go outside.

We figured the curiosity she showed when I had opened the door earlier in the week had gotten the best of her and she sneaked out when I wasn't looking. So then we looked all around the outside of the house and in the near vicinity and still no Sheba. By this time, Toni and I were getting quite worried because we didn't know how Sheba would react to being outside; if she would come when we called or cower in fear in a secluded place making it all but impossible to find her.

We have this Mag-Lite 6 D-cell flashlight that casts a powerful beam. I checked it, but the batteries were very weak. It would cast a very yellowish light for a minute or so and then fade out. I rushed to the grocery store to get a new set of batteries. With the mighty beacon in hand, we set off to search the entire neighborhood at night to find Sheba, but to no avail. We decided reluctantly to give up and wait until morning to see if she would appear on the front door step.

When we got back inside the house, Sheba was sitting there calmly under the dining table looking at us. Oh, we were so glad to see her! We thought we had checked everywhere, but Toni thinks she was sitting on one of the dining chairs obscured by the dining table and we didn't notice her. Whatever the case, we were so glad she was safe and sound. We could now go to bed and rest peacefully knowing all was well once again.

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