Enjoying Time with Erin

Wednesday, 1 Nov 2006 | Family

My daughter Erin is from a previous marriage and I have visitation every other weekend, each Tuesday night and two weeks a year, typically during the summer. This past weekend she came over on Friday evening as usual, but asked if I would switch Tuesday night for Sunday night because a friend of hers wanted to spend the night at Erin's mom's house. Her friend's parents were going to be out of town for Halloween. So, I checked with Toni to see if she had any plans. She didn't, so I told Erin we could switch nights.

Well, it turned out I really enjoyed having Erin for the extra night during the weekend. Erin and I always have been close and enjoy each others company very much. It was so nice to have three days to spend with her instead of the usual two. It was particularly nice because Sunday night was not interrupted with her having to leave to go back home. When I was leaving for work on Monday morning, I told Erin at least three times that I love her and that I really enjoyed having her for an extra night. I cherish all the moments I get to spend with my daughter. The only down side is I miss her more when I have her for a longer stretch and I missed not having her last night. It will seem a long wait until she returns next Tuesday.

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