My Mother's Birthday

Sunday, 3 Dec 2006 | Family, Restaurants

It was my mother's birthday today. She fell 3 years ago today and fell into a coma. I lost her in March of 2004. I miss her so much every day. It seems like it's been much longer since she's been gone.

Toni and I met my dad at the cemetary to remember my mom. My dad bought a bouquet of red roses and we bought pink ones. The color combination was beautiful. I know she would have loved them because my mom loved flowers. I remember how happy she was on the phone on that birthday day she fell because Erin had sent her flowers.

Afterwards, we went to Dragon House for dinner. It's a favorite place of ours for Chinese food in the area. It was nice to be together as a family on this happy and sad occasion, just to be supportive of each other.

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