Rao's at Caesars Palace

Thursday, 18 Jan 2007 | Restaurants

I am delighted to see Rao's at Caesars Palace is now open in Las Vegas. I have been a fan of Rao's for some time now. I have their cookbook and love their recipe for marinara sauce. Rao's is a New York Italian restaurant which I hear is almost impossible to get into unless you know someone or are a celebrity, of which I am neither. So, I was naturally thrilled that I would be able to try Rao's food in person at their new location some day.

I went to Caesars Palace to see the new restaurant. I wanted to get a look at it and check on their hours. As I was looking at the entrance, Frank Pellegrino walked out of the restaurant. Mr. Pellegrino is the co-owner of Rao's. I recognized him immediately. He also is an actor and has appeared in Goodfellas, episodes of Law & Order and the Sopranos. I walked up to him and introduced myself. I told him how I love to make his Marinara Sauce recipe and he remarked that it is great stuff. I asked him about Rao's hours and he said they were open only for dinner but the grand opening was the following night and was by invitation only. Frank was very congenial and gracious. It was such a thrill to converse with him in person. I will have to make a trip back to Las Vegas to try the restaurant with Toni. I am interested to see if my rendition of their marinara sauce lives up to the real thing.

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