OpenDNS - A Free Internet Speed Boost

Monday, 12 Feb 2007 | Computers, Internet

Use OpenDNS

I came across a free service called OpenDNS while reading A View from Home, a blog I read often.

OpenDNS is a free service that speeds up your internet browsing by translating the URL you type in to the corresponding IP address which is a numerical address kind of like a phone number. This IP address is used to connect you to the site you're looking for. A DNS, or domain name server, does the job of translating the URL to an IP address for you. Most people use their ISP's DNS, but a few simple changes to your setup will get you connected to OpenDNS to improve speed and reliability.

OpenDNS also alerts you to phishing sites to protect your privacy and even corrects typos for you. I had a question and tried contacting OpenDNS using AIM via iChat. There was a live person there to chat with and he was very friendly and helpful. If you'd like to try OpenDNS for yourself, just go to their site and follow the simple directions to update your system and then reboot. You should be up and running in no time.

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