Woodcrest Places Third in County

Sunday, 25 Mar 2007 | Family

The Woodcrest Christian mock trial team placed third in Riverside County. It was disappointing to see them lose, but I am very proud of them. I think they bested King High School, even if I'm a little biased. It was such a blessing to participate in the mock trial competition as a parent. I have been enriched by the experience.


Woodcrest Continues to County Semifinals

Wednesday, 7 Mar 2007 | Family

Erin and the Woodcrest Christian High School defense team defeated Murrieta Valley tonight to advance to the Riverside County Mock Trial semifinal round on Saturday. The field of 27 teams has now been narrowed to just 4. Saturday morning, the first round will eliminate two more teams in preparation for the Final round in the afternoon. The winner will be the Riverside County Champions and continue on to the State Championship in Oakland.

Erin participated last year when Woodcrest became county champions. Woodcrest is the defending champion this year. We're all hoping they can do it again. Saturday morning, Woodcrest's prosecution team will go up against King's defense team.


Woodcrest Christian Advances to Elite Eight

Sunday, 4 Mar 2007 | Family

Erin is portraying a defense trial attorney for Woodcrest Christian High School's team in the Riverside County mock trial competition this year. Last year she was a defense witness. I am so impressed how well she has done so far. She presented herself so well under pressure during competiion. It takes a lot of studying, practice and quick thinking under pressure to be an attorney in a mock trial competition. Last night, Woodcrest Christian advanced to the Elite Eight. That means they will go into a sudden death round with the top eight teams in Riverside County. Last year, Erin's team were county champions. We're hoping they can do it again and continue on to be state champions as well.

I was such a proud dad last night when Erin was awarded a blue ribbon for top 3 defense trial attorneys. That means she was in the top 3 of 27 teams of defense attorneys, each with 1 to 3 attorneys.

Competition continues on Wednesday with Woodcrest Christian's defense team goes back into action. It's a thrill to participate in mock trial as a parent. I'm so thankful for the experience.


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