Lois & Company

Sunday, 22 Apr 2007 | Food, Friends


Toni and I had a wonderful time at Lois' house on Saturday. Lois had set up a brunch to celebrate Kerry and Seth's new baby girl, Molly. We had fun catching up with our friends over lasagne, fresh fruit, rolls and salad. I took the opportunity to take some pictures while I was there. I got a few good shots of Molly. I'm going to print an 8x10 of the best one and frame it for the parents as a gift. Lois always has a variety of fresh cut flowers at her parties. This time was no exception as can be seen by my photograph of a gorgeous yellow lily on display at the get together.


Michael Fletcher Photography

Sunday, 15 Apr 2007 | Internet, Photography


Michael Fletcher Photography, my pro photography website, is now online. It currently showcases portraits and food photography in my portofolio, but I plan to add other sections since I love to take pictues in many genres. It's functional as it is now, but I plan to continue improving the site. It's a work in progress.


April Fools' Day

Sunday, 1 Apr 2007 | Daily

Today is April Fools' Day. I have been very good and not played any pranks or jokes on anyone. It is definitely tempting for me because I love a good prank as much as anyone, as long as it's not mean spirited or causes harm to a person or their posessions. I don't think it's so much that I am so good today, but that I am just tired from being so busy with work, commuting and photography lately. LOL


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