Erin's Back!

Saturday, 28 Jul 2007 | Family, Travel

Erin arrived back safely from her medical mission to Vietnam yesterday. It's nice to have her back home. I'm looking forward to seeing her in person on Tuesday. I wasn't very nervous about her trip. I had a certain peace about it. But I have to say it's a relief to know she is home and safe.


Observations on Atlanta

Sunday, 15 Jul 2007 | Travel


It was the first time Toni and I had been to Atlanta, Georgia. I recently went along with her to Atlanta since she was attending a technology convention there. I used to live in Columbia, South Carolina and had been to the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport to pick up my grandparents when I was a teenager. We had also driven through Georgia, but I had never really spent any time there.

I really enjoy traveling. It's fun and interesting to see how places are similar to and different from what I'm accustomed. The first thing I noticed about Atlanta was it was humid and hot when we arrived. This wasn't much of a surprise. It was exactly what I expected. While driving from the airport to our hotel, Toni and I noticed how green it was. We both love greenery. What struck us was how many trees there were. The houses were nestled between densely populated forests of trees.


Another thing we noticed were signs on the streets reminding drivers that they must yield to pedestrians. These signs stated that it was state law to do so. I'm not sure if Atlanta drivers are prone to running through crowds of people, but it sure seemed like they thought it was important to have lots of reminders to watch for people when driving. I even saw a sign just outside the Georgia Aquarium parking lot that drove this point home by warning pedestrians as well. Very interesting.

The other thing we noticed during our stay at the Hyatt Regency downtown was it seemed like almost all the streets had Peachtree in the name. It was either Peachtree Street or Peachtree Road or Peachtree Way or some other variation of Peachtree. I known Georgians love their peaches but it makes it awfully confusing for visitors. It's a good thing I brough my trusty Magellan GPS along for the trip.

Overall, we both enjoyed Atlanta and its environs. The people were laid back and very friendly. We would love to go back again. There definitely wasn't enough time to experience Georgia.


Bryan Proposes to Elizabeth

Sunday, 8 Jul 2007 | Family


At Alysia and Christina's birthday party last night, Bryan surprised Elizabeth by proposing to her in front of the whole family. I didn't know about it until just minutes before he proposed, so I unfortunately didn't have my camera with me to take pictures of the event. However, I had taken this photograph of the couple just two days prior to their engagement.

It was exciting to see the proposal and the joy and surprise in Ellizabeth's face. Bryan was a bit nervous before proposing, but he did a wonderful job. It was a very touching moment which the family was grateful to share with Elizabeth and Bryan.

Elizabeth's ring was beautiful. I hope to photograph it sometime soon. I told Elizabeth to let me know if they would like me to photograph the wedding. I'd consider it a privilege.


Call from Erin in Vietnam

Sunday, 8 Jul 2007 | Family, Travel

We received a call from Erin indicating she is doing well on her medical mission in Vietnam. The group has treated over 2,000 patients. She said it was so rewarding to see the happy faces on the people when they were given a year's supply of vitamins and medical treatment. She also said that a boy with cancer gave his life to the Lord during their stay in the remote area the past week. It was wonderful to hear from her. I miss her so much and am a very proud father.


Remembering Uncle Jess

Saturday, 7 Jul 2007 | Family, Photography


Toni and I got together with her family on Thursday night at Marty and Kevin's house in Riverside for dinner in remembrance of her Uncle Jess. Her uncle recently passed away and family wanted to gather in his honor. It was wonderful to see many family members I already knew and ones that I had not met before as well.

Since family members from out of state were at the dinner, I took the opportunity to take photographs of many of them. If you are family and reading this, please send me an email and I will send you the name and password to view the photo gallery at my photo site.


The Varsity

Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007 | Restaurants, Travel


Toni and I first heard about the Varsity Drive-In on the Food Network. The Varsity boasts it is the largest drive-in restaurant. I don't know if that is true, but I do know it is very large and impressive. We just had to check it out for ourselves during our recent trip to Atlanta.

I heard from a Georgia native who goes by the name Big John, that the man who started the restaurant was kicked out of Georgia Tech. When he asked what he should do with his life, the school official told him why don't you open up a hotdog stand. Well, he took him literally and did just that to great success! I don't know it that story is true either, but it sure was interesting to hear.


I heard the chili dog and onion rings were good, so Toni and I shared them. I ordered a Frosted Orange to drink and Toni had a sweet tea. Sweet tea is very popular in Georgia. It's basically a brewed ice tea which has the sugar cooked into it. It's brewed lightly, so it has a sweet and refreshing flavor that's a bit addicting. Toni has been craving it ever since our trip.


I found the Frosted Orange very tasty. It was cold and frosty with the flavor of a Fifty Fifty ice cream bar. It was refreshing because it wasn't too creamy like a milkshake. It was more like a slightly creamy Icee.


Erin Safely in Vietnam

Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007 | Family, Travel


I received a phone call last weekend indicating Erin had landed safely in Vietnam. She is participating in a medical mission with Good Samaritan which will administer medicine and medical care to less privileged citizens of Vietnam. She'll be there for nearly four weeks. I miss her so much already, but am pleased she is helping others. Please pray for her and her group during their stay abroad.


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