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Sunday, 15 Jul 2007 | Travel


It was the first time Toni and I had been to Atlanta, Georgia. I recently went along with her to Atlanta since she was attending a technology convention there. I used to live in Columbia, South Carolina and had been to the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport to pick up my grandparents when I was a teenager. We had also driven through Georgia, but I had never really spent any time there.

I really enjoy traveling. It's fun and interesting to see how places are similar to and different from what I'm accustomed. The first thing I noticed about Atlanta was it was humid and hot when we arrived. This wasn't much of a surprise. It was exactly what I expected. While driving from the airport to our hotel, Toni and I noticed how green it was. We both love greenery. What struck us was how many trees there were. The houses were nestled between densely populated forests of trees.


Another thing we noticed were signs on the streets reminding drivers that they must yield to pedestrians. These signs stated that it was state law to do so. I'm not sure if Atlanta drivers are prone to running through crowds of people, but it sure seemed like they thought it was important to have lots of reminders to watch for people when driving. I even saw a sign just outside the Georgia Aquarium parking lot that drove this point home by warning pedestrians as well. Very interesting.

The other thing we noticed during our stay at the Hyatt Regency downtown was it seemed like almost all the streets had Peachtree in the name. It was either Peachtree Street or Peachtree Road or Peachtree Way or some other variation of Peachtree. I known Georgians love their peaches but it makes it awfully confusing for visitors. It's a good thing I brough my trusty Magellan GPS along for the trip.

Overall, we both enjoyed Atlanta and its environs. The people were laid back and very friendly. We would love to go back again. There definitely wasn't enough time to experience Georgia.

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