The Varsity

Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007 | Restaurants, Travel


Toni and I first heard about the Varsity Drive-In on the Food Network. The Varsity boasts it is the largest drive-in restaurant. I don't know if that is true, but I do know it is very large and impressive. We just had to check it out for ourselves during our recent trip to Atlanta.

I heard from a Georgia native who goes by the name Big John, that the man who started the restaurant was kicked out of Georgia Tech. When he asked what he should do with his life, the school official told him why don't you open up a hotdog stand. Well, he took him literally and did just that to great success! I don't know it that story is true either, but it sure was interesting to hear.


I heard the chili dog and onion rings were good, so Toni and I shared them. I ordered a Frosted Orange to drink and Toni had a sweet tea. Sweet tea is very popular in Georgia. It's basically a brewed ice tea which has the sugar cooked into it. It's brewed lightly, so it has a sweet and refreshing flavor that's a bit addicting. Toni has been craving it ever since our trip.


I found the Frosted Orange very tasty. It was cold and frosty with the flavor of a Fifty Fifty ice cream bar. It was refreshing because it wasn't too creamy like a milkshake. It was more like a slightly creamy Icee.

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