Happy 40th Birthday Big Mac

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2007 | Childhood, Food


This month marks the 40th anniversary of the McDonald's Big Mac sandwich. In commemoration of this event, I'll recite the Big Mac jingle I learned as a child and can still say from memory.

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

I remember receiving a free Big Mac when I was younger in Seaside, California for being able to sing this at the restaurant. ;)


Siam Surprise!

Friday, 17 Aug 2007 | Family, Food


Erin tried Siam Surprise today for the first time. Toni and I have eaten there several times and have come to really love it. They make Thai food just the way we like. It's flavorful, cooked fresh to order and reasonably priced. And they're open until midnight seven days a week.

Yellow Curry with Chicken is one of my favorite Thai dishes. Siam Surprise's Yellow Curry is so good. It's so savory with just the right creaminess from the coconut milk. I like my curry quite hot and they do that right too.


Their egg rolls are very good as well. They are the small crispy ones that are usually called spring rolls at most Thai restaurants. I really enjoy the sweet and sour dipping sauce they serve. I asked about it and they told me they make it at the restaurant, but the recipe and ingredients are a secret. Wouldn't you know it? If anyone knows the recipe for Thai sweet and sour dipping sauce, please let me know. I'd love to make it at home. It seems to have rice wine vinegar, sugar and hot pepper flakes in it, but I don't know what else.


We've also tried their fried shrimp. The are fried to a golden crispiness and are served with the same delectable sauce they serve with the egg rolls.

Siam Surprise has been added to our list of favorite restaurants in Temecula. We'll be going there many more times in the future. If you're ever in Temecula and are craving Thai food, you really ought to stop by and try some of their delicious food.


Movable Type 4.0

Thursday, 16 Aug 2007 | Blog, Movable Type

Today, I upgraded my blog to Movable Type 4.0, the release version which came out just yesterday. Overall things look pretty good, but I'm still having an issue with clearing out my Activity Log. There's entries in there that stubbornly won't go away. I've had this behavior since the second or third release candidate. It's a little annoying, but nothing major. I'm sure the good folks at Six Apart will get it ironed out very soon.


Stephanie & Annette at Balboa Park

Thursday, 2 Aug 2007 | Family, Friends, Photography


On Saturday, Toni and I went to Balboa Park with our friends Stephanie and Annette to take portraits. I met Annette at this year's Concurso de Ballet Folklorico at UCR. She was one of the graduate students working the event. She had agreed to pose for some portraits for me. I thought Balboa Park would be a wonderful setting for those portraits. Annette's sister Stephanie happened to be free that day as well. Both of them turned out to be great models. Toni helped with reflectors while I photographed. Everyone was pleased with the pictures.

I found out that Annette and Stephanie are both Disneyland fans like us and have Annual Passports. We're hoping they can join us on a trip to Disneyland in the future.


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