The Ice Cream Man

Sunday, 21 Oct 2007 | Childhood, Food, Memories


Although my tastes have matured to gourmet sorbet and ice cream, I still feel warm and cozy when I think about the ice cream man. Today, I went outside for a walk at my sister-in-law Trisha's house. We were there celebrating her birthday. The ice cream man had stopped at the house next door and several children had gathered around the truck.

That made me think back to when my mom would buy me ice cream from the ice cream man. It was always an event when we heard the distinctive music emanating from that familiar frozen confection carrying vehicle. I remember a few phases I went through during my childhood.

The first phase was when I fell in love with banana popsicles. I loved how they tasted. They were the Popsicle brand ones with two sticks. You were supposed to be able to break it down the center to make two long popsicles, but it never seemed to break properly for me as a kid.

The second phase was Orange Fifty-Fifty bars. You know the ones that were orange flavored popsicle on the outside with a vanilla ice cream filled center. I think they were called Creamsicles. Boy, I loved those too.

Then, as my tastes matured, I became a Fudgsicle addict. I thought the creamy chocolately frozen confection was the nearest thing to heaven I had ever experienced.

There were also periods where I bought non ice cream items from the ice cream man as well. My favorites included cinnamon toothpicks, bottle caps candy, a sour candy you would dip into a powdered candy and jawbreakers. Along the way, I enjoyed ice cream sandwiches, sno-cones, Buried Treasures and Bomb Pops as well.

Ah, those were the good old days; when things were fun and simple.

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