The Speeding Ticket

Wednesday, 28 Nov 2007 | Daily

I got a moving violation citation on my way to work today. I was on Highway 111, on the way in to Palm Springs. I saw the motorcycle officer pointing his radar gun right at me. There was no time to react. I was definitely going over the speed limit, so I was at fault. I was hoping I'd get off with just a warning, but it wasn't to be. It made me grouchy all morning and a little into lunch until my friend Ana helped me feel better.


Christmas Carols

Tuesday, 27 Nov 2007 | Childhood, Daily, Memories


Lately, I have been listening to Christmas music on the way home from work. A local station plays Christmas songs from 6 to 7 pm each work day. It's an oldies station, so they play lots of classic Christmas music; stuff I used to listen to with my parents growing up. It's really nostalgic to hear those songs. I love Christmas Carols. They make me happy and warm inside.


My First Passport

Monday, 5 Nov 2007 | Travel


Last Saturday, I was thrilled to receive my first passport in the mail after over six weeks of waiting. I was very anxious to seen mine since Toni had received hers in only two weeks. Toni will be going to Rome and Athens next Spring with her school. Unfortunately, I don't have any trips planned, but I wanted to make sure I was ready when I do plan one.


I was very impressed with how nice the pages in the latest passports are printed. The American Bald Eagle is one example of the fine graphics in our passports.


Tony Bennett at Pechanga

Saturday, 3 Nov 2007 | Entertainment, Family

Last night, Toni and I had the pleasure to hear Tony Bennett live at Pechanga Resort & Casino. It was our first time at the Pechanga concert venue. It was smaller, nicer and much more intimate than we had imagined. I would gladly go there again for a show in the future. Tony Bennett puts on a wonderful show with a small band of extremely talented musicians. He still has it after all these years. He is so personable and entertaining. He had his daughter Antonia on hand to sing a few songs. I could see how proud he was of her. His delivery and timing is spot on. I love the sound of his voice. He sings the standards with ease and style. We were moved to tears by the emotion he conveys through his singing. He truly is a legend.

After the concert, we walked to the casino coffee shop and had a nice dinner. It was so nice to attend a concert so close to home. I'm so used to driving over an hour to get home after most concerts. Pechanga is only about 10 miles from home. We had a great time and would love to see Tony Bennett again if the opportunity presents itself.


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