Entourage 2008 Auto Loads Pictures

Saturday, 19 Jan 2008 | Apple, Computers, Macintosh


I installed Office 2008 for Mac Home and Student Edition yesterday. I have been waiting anxiously for this new version of Office because I know it would run natively on Intel processors which my Mac Pro uses. The speed increase is very noticeable and overall I was very pleased with the upgrade.

I use Entourage for my email client. At a certain point, Entourage 2004 decided to not allow pictures in HTML email to load automatically. You could set it so pictures would auto load for emails from contacts in your address book. Well, I hoped in the new version, it would allow the user to override this security protection. Much to my dismay, even when the contact was in my address book, I would have to manually tell Entourage 2008 to load the pictures in many of the emails. This is very tedious.

This morning, I decided to look through the preferences settings. Much to my delight, I discovered there is now a setting under General Preferences, Security that allows you to download photos in all messages! I am such a happy camper now. Thank you so much, Microsoft. I am so appreciative of this option. Now I don't have to see that annoying "To protect your privacy, some pictures in this message were not downloaded" message all the time.

I do have an issue with the notification sounds not working with the new version of Entourage, but that is not too hard to deal with. I understand Microsoft is aware of it and will post a fix. I realize there will be some issues with a brand new piece of software. I don't mind them as long as it doesn't impact my use of the software too severely and the manufacturer is proactive fixing the bug.

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