Taffy's a Movie Star

Monday, 28 Jan 2008 | Disney, Entertainment, Pets, Photography


Taffy has been featured in the Walt Disney motion picture Underdog!

One of Toni's students said they saw Taffy in the movie. They said it's the picture you have of Taffy on your desk, Mrs. Fletcher.

We didn't think much of it, but were curious, so we rented Underdog over the weekend just to see the end credits. Sure enough, Taffy's picture shown above is the tenth dog photo shown in the credits.

Later, I realized I had submitted the picture to Walt Disney online, but had forgotten about it. Since I wasn't notified about its inclusion, I assumed it didn't make the cut. Toni and I are so proud of our Taffy. ;)

Oh, and don't worry. It hasn't gone to Taffy's head at all.

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