Erin Safely Home from Korea

Wednesday, 20 Aug 2008 | Family, Travel

Erin arrived home safely aboard Korean Airlines Flight 61 from Seoul, Korea to Los Angeles, California this afternoon. It's great to know she's back home. I'm so delighted she was able to experience Korean culture and visit with relatives. I'm sure it's an experience she will always treasure. I missed her so much and look forward to seeing her in person soon. :)


2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games

Wednesday, 20 Aug 2008 | Daily, Electronics, Photography

Toni and I have been obsessed with watching the Olympics on television. I've always loved watching all the great sports. I love watching both the Summer and Winter Olympics. The only downside is I am so tired each day. I try to watch all the events I can each day because I hate hearing about the results the next day before I get a chance to see the event.

The other aspect I love is this is the first time I've watched the Olympics on a high definition television. HDTV is wonderful, especially for sporting events. It's almost like you're right there at the venue.

The Opening Ceremony was absolutely amazing. I think it's the most spectacular one I've ever witnessed! I will have those awesome images indelibly engraved on my brain forever.


2008 Coronado Visitor's Guide

Wednesday, 20 Aug 2008 | Photography, Travel


My Hotel del Coronado photograph is featured in the inside back cover of the new 2008 Coronado Visitor's Guide.

You can download the complete 2008 Coronado Visitor's Guide at the Coronado Visitor Center website.

I'm so pleased about this because Coronado, California and the Hotel del Coronado are two favorite places of mine near where I live. I am about an hour from San Diego. There's something special about San Diego and Coronado that makes me feel so good whenever I visit. :)


Birthday Dinner at Bleu Boheme

Sunday, 10 Aug 2008 | Family, Food


I took the day off for my birthday to join Toni for dinner in San Diego. She was attending an AVID conference and staying in a hotel that week. So, I drove down to pick her up. I found a very neat French restaurant named Bleu Boheme on Bleu Boheme is a quaint restaurant in the Kensington district of San Diego with an inviting rustic French charm.




We started our meal with bread, butter and their imported French cheese board. The bread was perfect with a crispy crust and a a soft center. Toni and I loved the cheese board. It had a wonderful selection of French cheeses, dried fig terrine and a deliciously flavored thick and sweeet honey. Although everything was scrumptious, the cheeses and bread were definitely the hightlight of the meal for me. I paired the cheese with an effervescent glass of Grand Imperial Champagne.



For our entrees, Toni chose the Northern Halibut with Loster Sauce over Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus and I chose the Filet Mignon with Three Sauces served with Sauteed Green Beans and French Fries. The Halibut was cooked perfectly and the Filet Mignon was yummy dipped in the Curry, Green Peppercorn and Port Truffle sauces. I liked all three sauces, but the Port Truffle was my favorite.


We finished our meal by sharing the Warm Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sorbet. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful birthday dinner!


While we were dining, I overheard the couple next to us comment on the Blue Cheese Olives in their Martinis. Since Toni loves Blue Cheese and Green Olives, I asked our waitress to bring us some so she could give them a try. She loved them. :)


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