Friday, 13 Mar 2009 | Food, Restaurants


I recently tried a restaurant in Palm Springs, California called Cheeky's. Cheeky's is open for breakfast and lunch. They have a menu which changes weekly with an array of freshly prepared breakfast and lunch items including the Grass-fed Burger and Pesto Fries on a Brioche Bun shown above. The burger was delicious!

Cheeky's has a way of spicing up ordinary food items like adding pesto to their fries or using jalapeno bacon for their BLT sandwich. They have innovative sandwiches with yams and persimmons as ingredients. Their salads are nicely presented. I'll have to take a photograph of one next time I go. They also serve buttermilk corn pancakes and wonderful looking eggs benedict.

Next time you're in Palm Springs, give Cheeky's a try. Just makes sure it's any day other than Tuesday, because that's the one day they're closed.

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