Dinner at Min Sok Chon with Ingrid & Miki

Thursday, 15 Oct 2009 | Food, Friends, Restaurants


My friend Ingrid was in town for business and pleasure, so I made it a point to get together with her while she was here. Ingrid moved to Virginia fron San Diego a while back because her husband is Naval officer. Although I haven't met up with Ingrid many times, I miss her being on the West Coast.

I had the pleasure of meeting ingrid's best friend Miki. It's funny. I had never met Miki before, but I felt I knew her because of all the pictures I have seen of her on Ingrid's photostream at Flickr. :)

Since Ingrid and I are both half Korean, it seemed fitting to meet at a Korean restaurant, Min Sok Chon in San Diego for dinner. We had a great time catching up and eating. Ingrid ordered a large Raspberry Soju, a Korean rice wine, not knowing it would be a huge carafe!



We ordered BBQ Beef, Spicy Broiled Pork Ribs and Kimchi Fried Rice.


min_sok_chon_dwaeji galbi_gui.jpg


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