Relaxing Day at Disneyland

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011 | Disneyland


After photographing a very late wedding at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on Saturday, I met up with my friend Tony at Disneyland on Sunday. It was a fun and relaxing time since Tony and I broke off from his wife and children to explore the parks on our own and take pictures. I showed him the sights and acted as an informal tour guide for the day. I didn't shoot much during the day, but later in the afternoon and evening I did bring out my camera to capture a few images. Tony mentioned fond memories riding the then white rocket ships which used to be located on the platform where the People Movers loaded. So, I said, "Let's go on the Astro Orbitors to relive your childhood." We rode them once before sunset and once again after dark. That's when I got the idea to capture the motion and lights of the ride. I thought my 50mm lens would create too tight of an image to get a good result, but I ended up quite happy with the image. You never know how nicely a photograph will turn out until you give it a try!

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