Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Wednesday, 5 Oct 2011 | Apple


I was deeply saddened to hear of Steve Jobs' death today. I will truly miss him. I have to admit I would enjoy his enthusiasm showing off his products at the online keynote addresses. I was actually already sad when I heard he was stepping down as CEO of Apple.

I've had a love affair with Apple products for a long time. My first computer was an Apple IIe with a whopping 128K of RAM. My first Mac was a Macintosh Plus with a 20 MB serial hard drive which was excruciatingly slow by todays's standards, but at the time was like a magic box compared to the single density, one-sided 5.25 inch floppy drives. I had a pair of those hooked up to my IIe.

Over the years I have owned many Macs. I still love Apple computers. I use a Mac Pro now with a 30 inch Cinema Display. I have an iPhone and an iPad. I love them all. They help me to express myself every day.

Thank you, Steve, for touching my life in a very personal way although I never met you in person.

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